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A Guide to Buying a Face Mask.

You have a lot of options in matters to do with skincare and cosmetics. However, the more options you have the harder it is to make a decision. There are hundreds of brands offering the same things and each hypes what they are selling. If you are shopping for a face mask this guide will be helpful in making the best decision. You need to understand your skin type so that you can select the best face mask. As per the dermatologists, skin types can be grouped into five categories. The category your skin falls into will determine the face mask you should pick to keep it healthy and the kind of problems you need to look out for.

There are glands meant to secrete natural oils in the skin so that it can remain moisturized and healthy. If your skin is always oily then it means there is an overproduction of these oils. If makeup and lotions leave your skin with breakout it means you have an oily skin type. It will be difficult to find a good sunscreen that soaks all that oil and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

Just like there is overproduction of the natural oils there is also underproduction and that is when people will end up with dry skin. When you have dry skin it will be looking lifeless and even dull. This is linked to the layer of dead skin cells. It will be hard finding a lotion that keeps your skin supple and you may be forced to opt for a heavy-duty moisturizer so that your skin does not look flaky. Those who have sensitive skin will be prone to inflammation. If you fall into this category then you have to be careful about rosacea, rashes, breakouts, and dermatitis.

Most of the available beauty products will have adverse effects on sensitive skin and they should be avoided. There is also a combination skin type that has oily and dry skin characteristics. If you are in this category you will be moving in a spectrum. You will notice changes all through the year especially when the seasons change. Also, you may note some areas that are always oily and others that are usually dry. On the same note, you will be equally prone to severe dryness or breakouts. This homepage has more details about this and you can view here for more about the service or read more now here!