I Just Sold the House

It is a good day for me really. I worked on this house for close to nine months, at first living in it while it was quite a big mess. It was not so easy and I barely had the money to get it done. The whole thing would have been impractical if not for my own skills at renovation and the fact that I know everyone that I needed and could work out deals with them. I know several guys who do HVAC near me and I started to haggle with them until I made a deal with one of them. He put in the unit that I needed and I did a number of jobs for him and his Mom. When I got done with her kitchen the woman was just about to float above the ground, but that was a matter of what her son was willing to pay for materials. It took me a little bit more than a whole work day. She made me a great breakfast after I went into finish up.

At any rate I did all of the stuff that I needed to do on schedule and a little bit over my initial budget, but it was really nice when I finished the house and so I just raised my asking price a bit and got to work on the yard. That did not turn out to be necessary really. I got a buyer almost within a week and they did not even try to haggle over the price. Apparently they had been waiting for me to finish up, the place is right across the street from the mother of the wife. She was about to have her first child in a few months and this gave her help with that any time she yelled.